Monday, 22 April 2013

Windlesham pubs

The Half Moon, a mile away.  Him indoors will want to try the scallops.

The Windmill Pub, already tested with Judy.  Thumbs up. 1.6m walking route.

Surrey Cricketers, about 3 mins walk.  Sandwich lunches only, really.

The Bee, 1.5miles.  I must have driven straight past that one.  Need to check the food menu.

The Brickmakers lays claim to an eclectic wine list.  0.8 miles.

The Sun, opposite the Post Office.

And the nearest tkmaxx is 6 miles away in Woking.  All is well with the world.



  1. glad to see you're checking out the important stuff. --Janet

  2. It was displacement activity - I don't know where I'm sleeping next Tuesday onwards, it makes me a little anxiety prone.


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