Monday, 15 April 2013

Go slow

Having 'sold' my house in January, it's boring waiting for it to be over.  It hinges on my buyers' outstanding mortgage offer - I chased my estate agent, he chased the buyers, their building society and their mortgage broker.  Still hoping to move on 30th April.

Meanwhile, our destination's sellers' mortgage valuation on the property they're going to [did you follow that?] won't happen until the 22nd, so the likelihood of turning that chain around by the 30th is looking increasingly unlikely.  Their estate agent said she wished all her buyers were as sanguine as I sounded - well, plenty worse happens in this world.

I've spent a lovely overnight in Bexhill-on-sea, where the sun shone brightly, with my Gardening Girls, who've asked all manner of questions about Windlesham, to which answer I have none.  Girls, I'll get back to you.. Enjoying the New Forest now, for a little r&r with M&C.

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