Friday, 19 April 2013

Not entirely helpful advice

Someone who shall remain nameless (but I'm buying a house with him) unsimplified my packing no end by saying "just bring everything you wouldn't want to lose in a fire at the storage place".

Lovely little explore of Windlesham with Judy yesterday.  The Windmill proved excellent for lunch, though the nearest pub to the houses was a sandwiches-only deal.  Four more pubs to check out in the village..
The postman was very friendly.  The Post Office sells cotton reels & takes in dry cleaning; the corner shop mends shoes; there's a tea & cake shop.; the pharmacy has reassuringly late hours; the village magazine is excellent value at 35p, and the country market is on the first Saturday of every month...  I'm torn between loving all of this and going not an inch further until these wretched exchanges go through.

Still waiting.

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