Thursday, 25 April 2013

What a business..

.. searches are back in... and now the buyers' solicitors need to answer our solicitors' queries before we can sign contracts.  Every time the ball lands in their court, I breathe out, every time it lands firmly with our side, I become somewhat frantic.

Was overnight in Staines collecting/delivering one small child plus Barbie bicycle to school.  Back home now minimising stuff for storage.

Took advice from very pleasant garden centre man - he'd gamble on digging out my 14 year old Cornus Kousa China Girl, centre piece of my front garden, wrapping its roots in hessian, keeping it soggy until replanting.  Or should I leave it behind, rather than risk watching it slowly die, unable to cope with the upset?  My buyers are OK with me taking it.

Here's a youtube link - Cornus Kousa  - sorry about the Pierce Brosnan ad, but I couldn't find an adequate photo ..

Hopefully, no more than a week in storage.  Hopefully.

Did I show you this?  They never did measure or photograph indoors... Farewell, my house

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  1. Perhaps the buyers would be okay with your coming back once you have a place to plant the Cornus Kousa, so it wouldn't have to sit waiting. --Janet


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