Monday, 29 April 2013


A strangely calm day, watching professionals pack my home away, leaving a few essentials behind.  It was dismantling the desk that finished me off.  Can't access business brain without it.

Knackered myself untangling potted climbers from walls and fences.  Oz says leave the last ivy, whose roots have grown under the concrete.  She's right, but I've already hacked the poor thing about, it's not a pretty souvenir to leave behind..though as my gardening equipment is all on a van, I may as well.

Good thing Mr W has somewhere to live, as we're in limbo re: purchase.  Feels really weird here without Tiger.  I have a bed, sofa, microwave, tv and emergency food rations.  It feels like a strange variant on being under house arrest.  I'm only here because we're seeing the solicitor 4 miles away tomorrow, and the boys haven't quite done packing, or I'd be gone.  It is time the walrus said...

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