Sunday, 28 April 2013

Action stations, or thereabouts

Just back home without cat [delivered to Staines, where I had a very pleasant lunch and tea out, with a very lovely M, with whom I may or may not be about to buy a very lovely house, legal wrangling permitting].  This place still looks like home, but doesn't feel like one without a cat.

Restful, enjoyable weekend in good company, without a single phone call re: purchase.  Neighbours and Jane & co here for a drink and a gossip yesterday.  Final night out at the knitting bar with M, followed by celebratory kebab - I never do quite get around to cooking for him.  God only knows what he thinks of me by now.

Parking blocked out for removals van by kindly neighbours with gardening bags.

All I need do now is eat, decide what's going to store, what's going to Staines, catch up with my lovely sister, and hopefully get a decent night's sleep before all hell breaks out on the phone again tomorrow.

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