Monday, 15 April 2013

Enough research for one night..

Facilities nearest Windlesham...

Nearest police station - Woking (6 miles); 13 crimes reported in February, 18 outcomes [clearly some very active bobbies here].  Mostly car crimes.

Nearest swimming pool - either a luxury day at Pennyhill Park Hotel (3.8 miles) or find an excuse to use one at C's school (2.9 miles), clearly it's the sort of area where, if you want one, you build one.  Or you go 7 miles into Bracknell
Nearest train station - Sunningdale 3 miles (47-50 mins direct to Waterloo/Vauxhall);  or Bagshot (same).

Nearest cinema - Bracknell (7.8 miles) or Woking  (6 miles), or Camberley (7 miles).

Look, this is all very boring.  Windlesham is home to Brian May (rock legend, Queen, if you're so inclined);  Sarah, Duchess of York (definitely never going to be Queen);  and Glen Hoddle, England footie manager.

The village has a pram race every Boxing Day.  Beat that.  And a post office and a shop.  That'll have to do.

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