Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wraysbury, Berkshire?

An interesting Saturday afternoon .. Wraysbury is 3.5 miles back to the shops I know in Staines;  1.5 miles to the railway station - 47mins from Waterloo; 20 miles from Judy; 50 miles from Milly; England's 2nd longest village at 7 miles from end to end, with a village hall, Post Office, newsagent, village store, under a mile to the pub .. a drive, but a straightforward one, to school for Catherine.. a stone's throw from Windsor Great Park..and most excitedly - I know how to get there from the M25 without getting lost!!

Alas, a yoga teacher's wages won't pay the upkeep on either of these, so I'll just have to get a half-way sensible job.  Gone are my dreams of baking cakes for the Women's Institute and doing the garden.

(1) Wharf Road:  Edwardian, glorious, with enough space to play hide and seek indoors.  Catherine's already played with two friendly neighbouring girls.. High enough ceilings for chandeliers.  Dreadful photos - it is so, so much better in real life.


(2) Kingswood Creek: the (very much) smaller, eco-friendly, easy to hoover, suntrap with limited headheight in the bedrooms [rafter conversions]  Yes, Judy, I can hear you from here.

Both are away from the main Thames thoroughfare, so M could launch a boat easily enough, but the houses aren't overwhelmed or directly overlooked by passing river traffic.

Both in straightforward non-chains.  Could move into either and tart them up bit by bit.. We were awake at 5am working out who would get which study..

I will report in :)

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