Thursday, 14 February 2013

Only vaguely about property

I have a telephone interview lined up tomorrow for a college really not too far from my next location...

Amazon has delivered the headset that might mean I can finally Skype..though Oz says that won't cure anything.

M&I are having a second look at the dementedly huge Edwardian place this weekend.  Judy, it's like yours with bells on.  Same indestructible carpets and puzzling collection of blinds where there should be curtains.  The carpets are a good thing, because we won't be up for replacing them in this lifetime.

Already having minor spats about whose study has to have a spare bed in it.  I'll concede a folding one.

And on a wholly irrational level, it turns out the last family who lived there for 30 happy years went by the names of Barnett & Iris, surname Levy.  I feel almost duty-bound to reclaim the place.  I've been a little distracted on Google lately..

- I've found a photo of young Barnett, aged 15, in his school Athletics team before he made good and left Tottenham.
- There are records of copper being delivered to the wharf where the house now stands from the 13th century.
- One of the houses on the island opposite is called Toad Hall.
- I will spare you.. I could go on.. but work and a heavy cold have interfered with my enthusiasm.

None of this is even slightly relevant to home buying, is it?

Toodle pip.

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