Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spacious of Windlesham

.. plenty of walking paths, near the school, it's at the very end of a cul de sac, with a short short cut to the village with essential shops & PO.  Sufficiently within budget that we'd be able to shop at Waitrose in Sunningdale, and I could relax and enjoy a 4 day week [assuming someone will kindly give me a job].  If they won't, I could take over the recently closed Dr's/physiotherapy premises in Windlesham and go broke running a yoga centre [not really].

Here's the link - Windlesham again?

Must have seen 4? 5? others.  We'd all blown a gasket by the very end...  Tiny access roads, building sites on main roads, very friendly owners who won't leave you alone to look.. and (yet) another overpriced waterside dream.  Well, waterside dreams are out for now, unless they are (a) finished &; (b) a total bargain.  Give me space and comfort.

Finished & uploaded job app last night..

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