Monday, 4 February 2013

It's a long way to go..

Choosing a new home is far, far from easy.  It's a "No" to all seen so far.

Nobody should live in Bracknell.

Builders should talk to their wives before chucking money at kitchens.

There was a beautiful garden in the middle of nowhere with 100ft trees, that would have needed vast amounts of time and money chucking at the house, and it was still outside .... Bracknell.

And there was a holiday chalet on the river with a mooring that belonged to its neighbour and no mains water or gas.  Nice river.

Why would anyone live in a really, really nice house right next to a main road?  The seller left a tv on in every room to distract us.  It didn't work.

Well, at least we agreed that none were quite right.  Busy week ahead & more research next weekend.

Must do something about slow puncture, satnav that's still in its box, getting new spectacles, and finding a new job.


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