Saturday, 16 February 2013

Skype & other meanderings

Hello team,

Headphones/microphone kit work!  If you'd care to send me your Skype details, we can talk.

Telephone interview postponed to Monday - interviewer similarly indisposed with end-of-term-itis.

Have invested in recognisable brand of satnav, which should recognise where I live.  Shall ebay first one with a 'buyer beware' description.


me xxx

PS:  Re-visited Edwardian pile today;  reassuringly, it looked smaller.  It smelt mustier.  Tennis court so green with moss I thought it was grassed.  A lifetime of projects, but exciting ones.  Daughter of neighbouring house stuck her head out of a window to say "Have you bought it yet?... Buy that house!"

Visited a perfectly finished, aesthetically pleasing house much nearer school, but no garage, limited space.  All good research.

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