Friday, 22 February 2013

A break

Still at one remove in the New Forest, which is a wonderful, welcome thing.

Someone else has put an offer in on the fantasy Edwardian pile, so perhaps that step-too-far has been taken out of our hands, and perhaps no bad thing, sad as I am to see it go.  It would have worked with a family of elves to do all the hard work*, of which there was a lifetime's worth.

Meanwhile the reasonably priced waterside property is far more vulnerable to flooding, but we'll have a look all the same.  Time for me to do more inland research and locate a bit of Berkshire with a sense of community that isn't on a motorway, nor next to a theme park or a race course.  We'll get there.

Today, job app to finish and Guildford to get to without flattening the Sat Nav battery.

* which in my case I have not got, to paraphrase Henry Reed, here he is if you have the time..

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