Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Still looking..

Well, no instant job alas, but a useful chat with a possible employer, who sounded spookily like my current employer, working with identical challenges.  What was that self-help book called again?  "Wherever you go, there you are".  So:  even if they do restructure & happen to create a job I could do - do I want it?  Ho hum.  And the only instant work available, and way to get to know the place & let them get to know me would be hourly paid teaching work, of a type and salary so junior, I've never done it in my whole working life.  Oh boy.

Away with M&C in the New Forest now.  Got here thanks to Satnav finally stuck firmly to the right bit of windscreen, the right way up, and remarkably useful.   I'm well fed, well slept, and the decidedly unattractive looking haemorrhage in my right eye has finally melted away [optician said that's what you get for coughing too dramatically].  A welcome break indeed.

So, today I feel inclined to living somewhere smaller, cheaper and much, much easier to maintain.  Even though (M especially &) I've invested substantial volumes of time and energy in that Edwardian fantasy, complete with memorising 80 page local conservation report - I can tell you where to find the nearest bat, hedgehog and birds galore....

Nobody needs this much info.  Time for my breaksfast.  xx me


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