Thursday, 16 May 2013

It didn't rain :)

My four north London containers now reside in leafy Surrey.  The rain held off until the removals men were lifting the plants off the van.

Some rooms look bigger, others smaller than I'd remembered. Only one is painted an eye-watering blue.  Discovered a few minor breakages as I began unpacking, nothing to cry over.  Juggling unpacking with daily life in Staines for now.  It'll take a while..  No internet yet - but the landline is up and running..  The previous owners were a bit Heath Robinson with some of their home improvements.. we have time to figure it all out..

One neighbour has already delivered a "Welcome" card, via her very lovely 6yr old son.

The sun came out briefly and reassuringly late afternoon, lending shade to the patio and plenty of sun across the lawn.  Must get one of those soil testing kits.

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