Friday, 3 May 2013

(final?) torture

Grand Avenue, Camberley 5 beds, Camberley, near shops & train & 55k cheaper than the Windlesham house.  No more torturing self with the 'not to be'.

Took M&C to see the last Camberley house last night - lovely place, in almost every respect, but bang on main road, not an easy journey back to school.  Meanwhile, the owners of the Windlesham house have finally come up with the evidence of doing a tree survey that our solicitor needed, to reassure himself/us that it was safe to buy their house.  Everything is in place to exchange today.

Sitting here beyond exhausted [cat disrupting sleep every night - not used to being locked in], reading the Windlesham Parish magazine [35p at all participating newsagents, ie one plus the Post Office], trying to remind myself why I liked the village in the first place.  Sat with M last night, scared of this huge commitment. His suggestion - drive back to Windlesham this morning;  ignore the phone; reassure yourself before exchanging on 2 oakwood road, windlesham.

We could be living there in 10 days from now, removers permitting.

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