Thursday, 2 May 2013

Any thoughts? Camberley

If it all falls through - how about this - went to see it yesterday.  Only downsides:  road noise; kitchen window overlooks brick wall; room currently used as dining area v dark.  But:  masses of space, oozing character, 2 mins from train station & town centre [yes, Judy, I know it's Camberley - but it's walkeable to House of Fraser & supermarkets..]

M & I would each have an office, plus a yoga room above the garage, plus bedrooms for guests...

And it's cheaper.  Owned by retired military types, preceded by surveyor, so hopefully he hasn't done anything weird with his extensions...

? Camberley

Awaiting solicitor's advice on current property before decision..

Trying to stay calmer than yesterday, which was a far, far from calm day - pulled from pillar to post by this crazy process.  Milly commanded me to get on my yoga mat at about 6pm, a headstand did the trick.  Can't think about much else while trying to balance upside down.


  1. I think the house looks nice from the photos. Don't forget, our Judith does not drive & you do. How MUCH road noise? --Janet

  2. Went back tonight. Not that much road noise (in the evening).


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