Saturday, 2 March 2013


Saw three today..

1 - overpriced, overstuffed, parking nightmare, no wonder it's been on the market 2 years..

2 - homage to Dallas, knocked up quick mid-80's, kept waiting for Sue Ellen to shoot JR over the balcony, neighbours had personalised number plates, huge rooms, but plastic floors, paper walls, rickety banisters.  You could chuck money at it for years, and it would still not be a solid house.

3 - Oakwood Road, Windlesham.  Our second viewing.  Space for everyone, including visitors.  Much more solidly built.  Better value.  Dare I say it, affordable?  Stone's throw from village Post Office and six pubs.  3 miles from Catherine's next school.  Lovely walking area.  In a small development, with plenty of other families around.  Miles from water, yes, so Michael will have to buy a strip of land to moor elsewhere - good compromise.  There's storage in the garage for a canoe or two.  Yoga space for me.  Room for someone's Wii etc.  Huge kitchen.  Separate utility room.  Bland garden ripe for a little work.  Chain turns out to not be as sticky as the agent described last week.  I think we should talk a little more and just go for it.

Tiger's settled into Staines for the weekend.  I'm better rested the moment I'm away from work, where everything is melting down.  Heaven only knows what I'll do next, but it'll be good to take a break from there.

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