Monday, 18 March 2013

Onward and Upward

... Camden High School for Girls' motto - always preferred it to my school's 'Serve and Obey' - pretty wretched life ahead if I took that one literally, I always thought.

I find myself following the Windlesham property's owners' movements like some demented stalker... Apparently they went for a second viewing on a property that they're very keen on today, which only has tenants, no chain.  Good.  Let's hope they buy it, then we can buy theirs.

Meanwhile my buyers' solicitor has endeavoured to make them nervous about a damp patch smaller than my hand, and a gutter that wasn't inspected by their surveyor.  Luckily, my buyers are made of stronger stuff and are determined to go ahead regardless.

And in other news..

It was really, really nice not visiting properties all weekend.  M kept teasing, saying I've been prescribed Prozac, not Thyroxin, but honestly!  It was just Thyroxin!  And I'm really, really happy because I'm not knackered the entire time.

I think there's a mouse.  Tiger's too old and arthritic to do anything about it.  He lived alongside two guinea pigs last week - just gave them a little look and a desultory sniff then went back to sleep.

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