Saturday, 30 March 2013

Memorable Thursday

I taught my last class at 9am, then rushed home to clean the house from top to bottom lest my buyers see anything to unnerve them while coming over to measure up for curtains at 1pm.  They should have signed their side of the exchange document somewhere along the way - I'll have to wait until after the Bank Holiday weekend to hear whether they did.

Back to work for a late lunch, distributed the contents of my desk, handed over a last few projects, clocked off at 5 then spent an epic 7 hours in the pub saying farewell to colleagues I've known for a decade, with Michael there to take plenty of flak.    And a very rough pub it was, former students teetering around on 6 inch heels, trying to capture the attention of seasoned drinkers at the pool table.  Our preferred location had been held up by armed robbers and was closed for police forensics.

M helped me home with four huge bouquets, bottles, cards, gifts..... Friday passed in a bit of a mist.  Eventually made my way to Staines where I'm settling for the first half of the Easter break.  Plenty of child-orientated projects ahead, plus some practical house stuff when offices re-open on Tuesday.  As I loaded the car up the sun came out, some neighbours were having a stand-up row in the middle of the street, and I wasn't sorry to leave.

Today has started with heart-shaped eggs on toast for three of us without tv, a triumph.  And now a little peace and quiet on my yoga mat while the others go shopping.

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